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Acupuncture in Albert Park – it’s not rock ‘n’ roll but I like it!

Many years ago I worked in Pickles Street, Port Melbourne, for a music company.

It was an exciting time. Famous musicians and music moguls were coming and going in the office all day. I worked long hours. Evenings were filled with record and festival launches and parties. Days with gig planning and concert production.

Often, I didn’t get a lunch break, but when I did I would escape to Albert Park foreshore, or Albert Park Village, for a quiet moment.  Little did I know that years later I would be back; this time working as an acupuncturist just around the corner in Victoria Avenue, Albert Park.

Amanda with the team at Pickles Street in the 1990s
Amanda (left) with the team at the Pickles Street office in the 1990s. Picture: Marty Williams Photography

My Pickles Street job led me to a hectic media career in London where I worked for a gaming company, a big magazine publishing house (my Devil Wears Prada years), and one of the major film companies.

Throughout this period in London I worked incredibly hard by day, and into the evening – becoming extremely depleted, and out of balance. I was feeling particularly worn down when, on one of my annual visits to my family in Melbourne, I went for an acupuncture treatment.

This treatment changed my life.

The feeling of inner peace, balance, and calm I felt was astounding. When I returned to London I decided to train in Traditional Chinese Medicine. On graduating, I set up clinics in London treating patients for the next 13 years.

When it was time for me to return to Melbourne, I thought about how beautiful it had been working in the area and reached out to clinic managers around Albert Park. It was obvious from my first contact with Irma, the manager of Victoria Avenue Wellbeing, that I would be a perfect match for the clinic.  The building even had the same tranquil healing energy that my treatment room at the Kailash Centre in London had done.

I later found out I have more in common with the building (pictured top) that now houses Victoria Avenue Wellbeing than I thought… It used to be the headquarters of Rubber Records and has followed me from the music industry into the health sector!

A walk in Albert Park
A walk in Albert Park in spring 2019

I have now been practising acupuncture and herbal medicine in Albert Park for just over two years. I love my commute, driving around the Grand Prix circuit by Albert Park Lake, or along the beach front. Either way it’s a beautiful view.

Sometimes I start the day with a delicious coffee from The Avenue Café a few doors along the road. I am spoilt for choice with the number of cafes in the main village if I need to pick up some lunch. I love the buzz of the ladies lunching outside the cafes on a beautiful day. If I have a break I may pop into Gum Tree Good Food for some delicious healthy organic shopping, or peruse the shelves at the Avenue Bookstore.

A meditation on the lawns of St Vincents Park on a warm day revives me for my afternoon session of patients, as does a stroll along South Melbourne beach. In the summer, I occasionally treat myself to an ice cream at the end of my day at the famous Jocks Ice Cream. If I finish early, I go for a swim – in winter at the St Kilda Sea Baths; in summer in the bay.

St Vincent Gardens
St Vincent Gardens

In London I could stroll in Regents Park during a break, but I could never pop to the beach, nor did I have such a picturesque commute home at the end of the day. I loved my time in London, but Albert Park has always had my heart, and I feel so grateful to be able to take in the lovely energy each day I work at the clinic.

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