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Pregnancy and Acupuncture

In pregnancy many changes take place in the body, and sometimes you can struggle to maintain equilibrium as a result. Pregnant ladies often suffer from morning sickness, indigestion, exhaustion, back and pelvic pain, constipation, anxiety and depression.

At a time when you may wish to try a drug free approach to problems that arise, acupuncture may help. Or perhaps your baby is in breech position and you would like to try a non-invasive way of turning the baby with moxabustion.

Acupuncture in pregnancy may:

  • help to relieve pain during labour (Cho 2010; Smith 2006)

  • provide effective pain relief for back and pelvic pain (Ee 2008; Wang 2009; Eldon 2008)

Moxabustion in pregnancy may:

  • have a positive effect in correcting breech presentation (Vas 2009; Li 2009; Van den Berg 2008)

Amanda works with acupuncture throughout all trimesters in pregnancy.